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Stop guessing what's in your inventory

I dunno about you, but I keep starting a build assuming I've got everything I need, only to get halfway through and have to put it back in the box and head back to Mouser.

I build DIY synth kits and design my own. I built Korok to keep track of my big box of crap and make sure I'm always ready to start a new project.

Kara xxx

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Atari Punk Console

1kΩ 2
10kΩ 1
15kΩ 1
4.7kΩ 1
100kΩ 1
555 Timer 2
Electrolytic Capacitors
10μF 1
Ceramic Capacitors
100nF 1
10nF 1
500kΩ 2

Say what your projects need

Fill in the BOMs for the projects you're planning. Korok knows about electronic components and units and keeps things sorted and grouped.

Korok tries to keep out of your way, so you can label your parts however you like and it'll probably work.

Find out what you're missing

Fill in what's in your inventory and Korok works out what parts you'll need to buy to complete your projects.

When a project is ready to build, Korok will tell you, and you can automatically deduct those parts from your inventory.

Atari Punk Console

1kΩ 1 / 2
555 Timer 1 / 2
500kΩ 0 / 2

Super Simple Oscillator

All parts in stock